Welcome to the Oaks Campsite

Let’s start with a little bit of history...

The camp site at Oaks in Charnwood has been associated with Scouting in Loughborough District for many years. The field and woodland was owned by Miss. Clarke who kindly allowed the District to use it for camps, competitions and other training purposes. The hut was the home of the Oaks Scout Troop whose leader Mr C. L. Bowler acted as warden for the site and it is thanks to his efforts that we are now the owners of this excellent facility.

Miss Clarke died in 1972 and left to the Loughborough Scout Council the hut and the adjacent stack yard and also gave the Council first option on the purchase of the field and woodland

Both the leaders and the Executive Committee were unanimous in their decision that we should proceed with the purchase of both the field and the woodland. The probate value of these was approximately £1800 for ten acres of field and nine acres of woodland. Water is laid on to the top of the field and there is a road at both the top and bottom of the field. To make the purchase the Council was fortunate to be offered an interest free loan of £1500 repayable at £200 per year.

Each year a winter walk is held to maintain right of way across the top road out of the site, a little used route except for the occasional night hike.

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