The Field

  • 10 Acres of camping ground
  • 11 Group pitches holding approximately 40 campers each
  • 400 Camper capacity
  • Water points located around the edge
  • Amazing view of the site from the top
  • Great fun to run down!

The Woodlands

  • 10 Acres of ancient forest
  • 2 Campfire circles
  • 2 Wooden Bases
  • Ideal for wide games
  • Dry stone walls easily mark out site boundaries
  • Holds all indoor facilities in one location

Site Shop

Everyone loves a treat occasionally, however our tuck shop doesn’t just sell sweets and drinks. We also supply a variety of badges and unique site merchandise, whether it’s for those who want to take home a souvenir to remember their camp or if you’re a collector for your camp blanket. There’s something for everyone.

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