Air Rifles

Try your skills at using our air rifles aiming not only at basic paper targets (although this makes for a great souvenir to show Mum and Dad), but also challenges such as knocking down cans and popping balloons! Also who doesn’t love a good competition against others in the group? Our own instructors will go through everything showing you how to use the rifles safely, and may even give the leaders a chance to show off their marksmanship!


This activity is run by qualified Oaks Staff. However a leader is requested to help supervise the young people when not on the range.


This activity is suitable for 8 years old upwards, dependant on their height.


Behind the car park


A strict maximum of 12 participants per hour.

What To Wear

Normal Camping Clothes.

Parental Consent

The Scout Association requires that written parental consent is obtained for all persons under 18 taking part in shooting activities. Before your session commences the group leader will be required to show evidence that this has been done and sign the range log book to confirm that consent has been obtained for all participants. See link below for forms.

Air Rifle Permission Form