Black Hole

This is a great way to overcome any fear of the dark. The black hole was constructed years ago by the campsites service team and has been enjoyed by many on the site ever since. You will find yourself crawling through a pitch black maze, using touch to get around. If you’re lucky and brave enough to venture further in, you may even find the second floor! Some great games can be made using this activity too, such as treasure hunts, time trials and even a version of cat and mouse.


This activity is self run by the groups own leaders. It is recommended that you use at least three leaders to supervisor the activity, but this will of course depend on the age of the participants.


This activity is suitable for all ages.


Further up from the main campfire circle, in the woods next to the Bouldering Wall.


We recommend 15 participants per hour. This is not a strict limit, however it is easier to monitor numbers inside the maze.

What To Wear

Trousers are recommended to cover the knees as crawling is involved.

Activity Ideas

  • In – Out: Each participant has to find their way round inside the wall from entrance to exit.
  • Treasure Hunt: Hide items in the Black Hole for participants to find.
  • Both ways: Two teams set off from opposite ends and try to pass without being spotted (we suggest teams of 3 – the others can have a rest).
  • Timed: Fastest time from start to finish.