Bouldering Wall

Rather than a “thrill” type activity, our indoor bouldering wall is about skill and challenges. It is a good start for young people to gain confidence in climbing and can be used as a team building exercise. Whereas in climbing you move upwards and are secured with a rope, the idea with the bouldering wall is to traverse sideways without a harness. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, but if more of a challenge is needed, try taking the shortcut via the overhang.


This activity is self run by the groups own leaders. It is recommended that you use at least two leaders to supervisor the activity, inside the bouldering wall.


This activity is suitable for all ages.


Further up from the main campfire circle, in the woods next to the Black Hole.


We recommend 10 participants per hour. There is no strict limit in numbers, however this isn’t a large room and too many on the wall will make it difficult to use.

What To Wear

This is an indoor activity so coats aren’t required. Soft shoes not boots make the activity easier.