Jungle Trail

One of the most popular activities on site is our adventure course set within the woods. There are over 15 obstacles to climb, balance, swing, slide and get tangled up on, making this a great challenge for any age. Just be prepared to get a bit muddy! The Jungle trail is excellent to be used for team challenges, time trials and races. Due to its higher maintenance and the odd tree falling, the course is constantly changing and new obstacles are added on occasion.


This activity is self run by the groups own leaders. It is recommended that you use at least three leaders to supervise the activity, but this will of course depend on the age of the participants.


This activity is suitable for all ages.


In the woods to the left of the Campfire Circle.


We recommend 15-20 participants per hour.

What To Wear

If it’s wet you are going to get muddy! So old clothes are required. Trainers or soft footwear would be best.

Activity Ideas

  • Challenge: Each participant has to complete the course.
  • Time Challenge: These need to be supervised with care to ensure that the participants don’t make mistakes when rushing.
  • Carry-over: An a object has to be transported down the course by a complete team – e.g. Half a bucket of water, egg in a container or a very large object which requires team work to negotiate the whole course. How about an item which needs to be dismantled and then re-constructed to get through parts of the course e.g. the tunnels.