Mountain Boarding

Although the site does get the odd flurry of snow during winter, we don’t quite get enough to be able to go snowboarding or skiing! Mountain boarding is a great alternative to this, as it is effectively a snowboard on wheels. This activity is great for practising balance and learning how to control the board. It isn’t as easy as it looks, rolling down a hill standing up. All the safety gear is provided too.


This activity is generally self run by the groups own leaders, but the site will provide an instructor if you require help to begin with.


This activity is suitable for Scout and Guide age and upwards.


The boards and safety equipment can be found outside the container next to the shower block at the beginning of the day. The activity runs at the top of the hill down the centre of the field.


We own 5 mountain boards in total so a maximum of 15 is recommended for an hour.

What To Wear

Normal camp clothes.